Mind Body Program

What are the components of the Upper School Mind Body Program (MBP)?

Students participate in the MBP from 9th-11th grades. The Upper School MBP has two components. The first is a Fitness Lab that meets once a week throughout the year. The second is an activity component, which can be fulfilled through an activity class (2 to 3x per week), a dance class (2 to 3x per week,) or a CSUS sports team (5 to 6 x per week). Upper School students who are part of a CSUS sports team get a study hall (9th graders) or free period (10th and 11th graders) during the part of the day when they would normally be in their activity class.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mind Body Program (MBP)
The Mind Body Program is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive field of study. The core curricula in the Upper School Fitness Labs are lecture-based classes. Fitness labs provide the opportunity for students to learn and discuss topics related to fitness, health, growth and development, mindfulness and social emotional learning. The Upper School student applies concepts learned in Fitness Labs to the physical activity component they choose; athletics, dance, or activity classes. The ultimate goal of the MBP is to cultivate an environment that educates and exposes the students to the latest evidence based research through lectures and physical activities.

Mind Body Fitness Lab