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Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine department is responsible for injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, and management of athletic injuries. The Sports Medicine Team strives to be a leader in the field and works to establish itself as a model of excellence. The goal of the Sports Medicine program is two-fold. First, we encourage every student-athlete to commit to a preseason Strength and Conditioning program to prepare them for the physical rigors of their chosen sport, while helping to reduce the potential for injury. Second, if the student-athlete sustains an injury, our goal is to expedite the injured student’s rehabilitation and return to sport as efficiently as possible. The priority is the student’s safe return to sport or activity.

Concussion Management Program - US Concussion FAQ

The Sports Medicine department at Crystal Springs Upper School believes that the health and safety of the student is of paramount importance. We strive to stay informed through current research and best practices related to the understanding of concussions. The CSUS concussion management program was implemented to ensure that our student-athletes return to academics safely, and then to athletic competition and/or extra-curricular activities.

Safe Sports School

We are proud to announce that the National Athletic Trainers Association has awarded CSUS the Safe Sports School Award. This award is given to secondary schools with athletic health care facilities that are in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations to ensure that quality healthcare services are delivered.

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