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Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

The Crystal Strength and Conditioning staff is committed to providing the highest level of athletic preparation for all varsity student-athletes. Our primary goal is to maximize the potential of student-athletes and to develop their greatest athletic potential throughout their college careers.

Each of our teams receives comprehensive support and effort from the strength and conditioning staff during their training. The staff works closely with each team to implement the most effective year-round training program for each team. Through the guidance of the staff, student-athletes develop skills such as discipline, goal setting, teamwork, mental toughness and work ethic. The cornerstones of Pioneer Strength and Conditioning are intensity, consistency and development.

Training Philosophy

The focus for all teams is to provide a well-rounded program that focuses on strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility, recovery, nutrition, as well as injury prevention and management. All athletes are given ?training maxes? and work off of percentages for each week. All programs are periodized with training percentages varying each week so that athletes will reach their goals. Strength, speed, agility and conditioning are all tailored to the needs of each individual sport and athlete. Flexibility, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention are vital parts of all training programs.

Keys to Successful Performance

Maximal Physical Preparation

Sound Nutritional Practices

Optimal Mental Training